British Academy Evidence-Based Forestry Project (Phase 2)

(Please see Phase 1 here).

Phase 2 of our British Academy Project brought us to Leeds, Oxford, and London. The objective of this fiend trip was to meet with experts based in the UK who have done similar research to the one we are planning to undertake under this project, so that we can learn from them possible methodologies, strategies and challenges, as well as link up with possible contacts back in Indonesia.

We were fortunate to be able to engage with learned individuals from the Centre for Decision Research (Leeds), School of Earth and Environment (Leeds), Environmental Change Institute (Oxford), Schools of Geography (Oxford Brookes and King’s College), Chatham House (London), Climate Policy Initiative (London),  the Department of International Development (LSE), and the BBC (London).

Most useful was the discussions with these experts on the suitability and complexities of applying the concept of “Evidence-Based Forestry” in the Indonesian context. Originally a term used by those in medicine, there are considerable challenges in applying evidence-based research in fields such as forestry and agriculture, not to mention the Southeast Asian context. The research team also had the chance to consolidate progress on the project since the previous field trip in Bandung, as well as plan for Phase 3 which will involve on-the-ground data collection in Riau, Indonesia.



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