International Convention of Asia Scholars 10, Chiangmai Thailand

ICAS 10 was a very productive academic experience for me. During the convention, I had the opportunity to be part of two panels. The first was a panel organized by the Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program (SEASREP) entitled Emerging and Continuing Trends in Southeast Asian Studies. I was invited to share my thoughts on the position of Environmental Politics in the field. I shared a paper entitled “Trends in Environmental Studies in Southeast Asia: Transboundary Haze”. The paper offered a rough literature review of Environmental Politics in Southeast Asia and also some recommendations for more inclusion of the area in the syllabi of Southeast Asian studies programmes around the region. The piece will also be included in an upcoming special edition of SEASREP’s Regional Journal of Southeast Asian Studies.

I also had the opportunity to present my book as part of a “Book Pitch” panel. I was very fortunate that Professor Vedi Hadiz from University of Melbourne, an expert on Patronage Politics and someone who was very influential on my work on patronage in the Southeast Asian palm oil industry, agreed to be the discussant for my book during this panel. He was very kind as to share his thoughts on how I can continue my research into new and complementary directions, which I will certainly explore.


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