MSPO Certification Scheme Training Course for Peer Reviewers

I was selected to be among the second cohort to be trained by the Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) to act as peer reviewers of audit reports carried out by Certification Bodies for Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification.


The objective of the training course was to provide a better understanding of the MSPO Standards and auditing procedures, as well as the scope and role of peer reviewers in the certification process. Peer reviewers have to confirm that the audit team has carried out an objective and professional audit against the MSPO standard, investigated the sources of data and avenues of enquiry, arrived at appropriate conclusion and recommendation based on available audit evidence and findings as well as to ensure that the audit team has prepared a concise and comprehensive audit report before the MSPO certificate is awarded.

I am now a certified Peer Reviewer for the MSPO Certification Scheme. My area of specialization for reviews would be socio-environmental issues related to Plantations & Organised Smallholders as well as Independent Smallholders.


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