UNMC Mindset Public Talk & Astro AWANI Let’s Talk with Sharaad Kuttan

The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus kindly invited me to moderate a MINDSET public talk on the topic of “Haze-Free ASEAN 2020?: National and Local Strategies and Challenges in Managing Fires and Haze in Indonesia”. The panelists were two of my friends and colleagues, Dr Rini Astuti, a research fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, and Mr. Alfajri, lecturer at the Department of International Relations, Universitas Abdurrab, Riau.

1901.Mindset.Haze (2)-1

The event was also picked up by the Astro AWANI sattelite TV channel, who invited us to continue to discussion on their late night English talk show, “Let’s Talk with Sharaad Kuttan”. The episode, entitled “Haze: More Than The Air We Breathe” was aired at 10pm pm 1 February 2019. The entire clip can be viewed here.



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