The ASEAN Haze: A Citizen’s Forum

In an effort to translate my academic work to action on the ground, I contributed to “The ASEAN Haze: A Citizen’s Forum”, a public event organised jointly by CERAH (a citizen’s group focusing on haze), New Naratif, and KAMY (Klima Action Malaysia).

The objective of the event was to:

  1. collect donations for WALHI, an NGO in Indonesia who has been working tirelessly to address haze-related issues on the ground
  2. brainstorm ideas on how to maintain haze as a top-of-mind agenda among our local politicians and society even when our skies are no longer hazy
  3. recruit concerned citizens to join CERAH and actively contribute there

In the run up to the event, I was interviewed by BFM to generate publicity and spread awareness of the importance of such citizen forums.

A good turnout of about 30 concerned citizens, consisting of academics, students, activists, and the general public participated. We managed to collect RM465 for our friends in Indonesia. The ideas generated were fed into the CERAH network, with follow up events in the pipeline.

An excellent blogpost recapping the event was written by Deborah Augustine of New Naratif and is available here.


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