Kelas Digital UNPAR “Ask the Expert: Transboundary Haze”

The International Relations Department of Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Bandung, Indonesia, invited me to take part in their online talkshow (Kelas Digital) series, “Ask The Expert” I was interviewed by Ms. Ratih Indraswari, a lecturer at the department. The full video is available below.

ASAAQ15 Interdisciplinary Discussion Session

I was invited to be part of a panel entitled “How can we ensure our science leads to
improvement of the atmospheric environment?” at the International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Application to Air Quality (ASAAQ) 15, 2019. I presented a short talk on “Transboundary Haze and the Science-Policy Interface” where I shared my own personal experiences, challenges and opportunities as a social scientist working together with scientists to inform policy on transboundary haze in this region. The other panellists in the session was the renowned Professor Roy Harrison, air quality expert from University of Birmingham and Dr David Tan, systems thinking expert from the United Nations University. IMG_20191029_182308


Keynote at the Australian Network Leader’s Summit, 13 Jan 2018

My time studying in Sydney, Australia was an important formative period for me, and I enjoy mentoring and advising other young people who are on the same path. This year, I was once again invited to share my experiences with a group of young Malaysian leaders from the Malaysian Students’ Council of Australia (MASCA) at the Australian Network Leader’s Summit 2018, held in KDU University College, Utropolis Glenmarie Campus.


As a Keynote Speaker, I was tasked to speak on the topic of “What Happens After Graduation”. I tried to provide the attendees with insights on two important aspects of this question: how to choose between continuing postgraduate studies or entering the workforce, and how to use the skills obtained through involvement in activities like MASCA in the “real world”. The session ended with a lively discussion session moderated by Ms Suwarna Ramanathan.

Book Presentation to RSPO

I was invited by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (Kuala Lumpur office) to give a presentation on my book, “The Haze Problem in Southeast Asia: Palm Oil and Patronage”.  Apart from the book’s major findings, I also provided some analysis of latest developments on the issue, including Jokowi’s approach to haze mitigation and Singapore’s new form of engagement with ASEAN over haze. Other RSPO offices around the world also followed the talk via weblink. The Prezi for the lecture can be found here.

Guest Lecture: Urban Studies Programme at Yale-NTU College

I was invited to share my views on ASEAN Regional Governance over Haze with a group of Urban Studies majors at the Yale-NUS College, Singapore on 27 September 2016. The Prezi of this presentation, entitled “Regional Governance in Response to Haze: Arguments For and Against” can be found here. I also shared the same presentation with a group of International Relations majors from UniSZA that visited the Department of International and Strategic Studies on 22 September 2016.14449846_10154423672010196_8610787009116967759_n.jpg

IDFR Workshop on Diplomacy and Security for ASEAN Mid-Level Career Diplomats, 8 – 21 April 2015 (Invited Speaker)

I was invited by the Institute of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs, Malaysia to give a talk on Multilateral Diplomacy on Economic and Environmental Issues, at their Workshop on Diplomacy and Security for ASEAN Mid-Level Career Diplomats under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme.

I am sharing here the prezi of my lecture.