British Academy Evidence-Based Forestry Project (Phase 2)

(Please see Phase 1 here).

Phase 2 of our British Academy Project brought us to Leeds, Oxford, and London. The objective of this fiend trip was to meet with experts based in the UK who have done similar research to the one we are planning to undertake under this project, so that we can learn from them possible methodologies, strategies and challenges, as well as link up with possible contacts back in Indonesia.

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British Academy Evidence-Based Forestry Project (Phase 1)

I am fortunate to be the co-Principal Investigator for a three-year British Academy Grant for a project entitled “The Design, Communication and Impact of Evidence-Based Forestry in Indonesia”. Other members of the group include Assoc. Prof. Dr Adam Tyson (co-PI) from Leeds University, Dr. Shofwan Albana from Universitas Indonesia, and Ms Ratih Indraswari, Mr Apresian Risadi Stanislaus, and Mr Albert Triwibowo from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan.

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